Philosophy of TM Color Me – unleash your energy of femininity and understand its essence.

The motto of Color Me – keep up with the latest fashions.

Color Me – is:
- an art to be ahead
- a possibility to create any image
- new technologies and luxurious formulas

One said, women in France spend more money on cosmetics, than the state on its army.

Every woman is an artist of her face and paints can create true miracles from a woman’s face. Cosmetics – is an instrument of power and it is important not only to know how to use it, but also to fall in love with the process. And it is some magic in this process.

Color Me cosmetics was born in 1999. Since that time it competes for quality and each season delights with fashion novelties. It is produced at leading factories in Italy, Germany and France.

Any advertiser will tell you: to sell the goods, you need good packaging, but to sell the goods the second time, you must offer quality goods. That’s why the quality is the main factor for Color Me. Our priorities are investments in beauty, youth and emotional balance of the beautiful half of humanity.

Great couturiers create the world’s fashion. Color Me confidently provides fashion shows, takes part in interactive visages, underlines charming and elegance of the beauty contests’ participants. Our brand is in the arsenal of professional visagistes - make-up artists.

The brand is represented and takes prizes in sales rankings of such stores as: Cosmo, Eva, Watsons, Bomond, ProStor. Sales consultants in these stores have received high-quality training at our company and are always ready to provide a qualified consultation and to help you to make an unforgettable purchase.

The main thing is that cosmetics should leave a place for your smile. Every morning, sun rays kiss your face. You open your set of cosmetics and see a magic. Shadows for eyes sparkle with a variety of colors and shades. Powder is brightly shining, like an expensive pollen. So fascinating is a lipstick, which creates incredible things with self-esteem. When you look to your heart’s content to all of these treasures, you make magic movements, swipe your brushes, you can quickly make thin subtle lines along the upper eyelids and playfully wink your reflection in the mirror.

You are beautiful!